Greatest Mom Moment

It doesn’t take much to excite this girl. My smiles have recently been caused by a streak of good luck (or skill, I should say) involving winning organic clothing for my baby girl. The first winning occurred after I stayed up two hours after my bedtime (yes, I try to go to bed at 9:00 pm) to write an essay on green living. I suffered for this, but fatigue was immediately relieved two weeks later when I got an email telling that my essay had won a $100.00 gift certificate to Ruby Pinwheels. Then, two days after that, I received another email telling me that I’d won my choice of a bodysuit, outfit, and washcloths for my daughter from Sage Creek Organics! It was from a contest where you had to share your “Greatest Mom Moment.” This is what I wrote:

My Greatest Mom Moment was on October 31st, 2008. It was at the moment when I caught my daughter being born and pulled her up to my face, kissing her and singing to her of how much I loved her. She looked at me so peacefully with her big beautiful eyes, and I knew that my life had changed forever because I was now a mama. Nothing will ever touch my greatest moment of bringing my daughter into this world naturally and gently, allowing me to experience the power and love of being a mother.

Sage Creek felt that my moment was “beautiful” and thus chose it as the winner. Winning is a great thing, especially if you really in need of the item that’s being given away (and my daughter is really in need of clothing right now). Better than that, though, is being a mom. Let’s face it: I love being a mom. Not the after-birth-mom-body, but definitely the being-a-mom-part. Many women don’t consider their birthing experience one of their greatest “mom moments,” though. What made it different for me? Hypnobirthing. This week, I will be explaining what exactly Hypnobirthing is and sharing the benefits of it…Including giveaways! The Hypnobirthing company has graciously given me some things to share with my readers including books, CD’s, and clothing, so be sure to come by every day to get more information and free products so that you too can experience birth as one of your greatest mom moments.

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