A Google Doodle

Each year, the Google company (best known for their online search engine) hosts a “Doodle for Google” contest where school aged children and teens are asked to submit artwork featuring the word “google” based on a particular theme. This year’s themText Colore is “What I Wish for the World” and boy, did they have some great entries! Today’s Recucational (recreation + education) idea is this:

Have your kids get on to the Doodle for Google website and vote for their favorite artwork in each category (they’re separated by grades). Questions to ask:

What is the theme of this one?
What do you like about it?
What don’t you like about it?

After discussing and voting for their favorites, then have your kids create their own doodle using the letters in their names but still with the theme of “What I Wish for the World.” You can start by making a list of their “wishes” to generate some ideas for the artwork. Be sure to supply a variety of things for creating the artwork as coloring or drawing isn’t always the best hands-on activity for everyone.

Earn an extra two entries into every contest through June, 2009 by sending me a photo of the created doodle. You are also allowed to make one for yourself! Please email the entries to: LifeMoreSimply @ yahoo . com (without the spaces) and leave a post here telling me that you did. Then, be sure to leave a message on the “Time To Get Happy” post so that your extra entries get counted! I, obviously, will need them before the end of June if you wish to use any extra contest entries.

Even if you choose to not make a doodle, what are your wishes for the world? For your family? For yourself?

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